Compendium of Lesser Hyperlinks

This page has implementations of some of the ideas from the tweet "COMPENDIUM OF LESSER HYPERLINKS IN INTFIC" by @webbedspace.

Zipper Link: a link that is activated not by clicking, but by sliding the pointer across it, causing the letters to separate vertically in alternating directions.
Double Underline Link: a link with TWO underlines.
Screamer Link: a link whose text is different while the mouse is held down, often becoming "OUCH!" or "Hey! That tickles!"
Triple Underline Link: a link with THREE underlines.
Hobgoblin's Link: a link that can only be clicked with the right mouse button, suggesting impish trickery, or defiance of human law.
Peripheral Vision Link: a link that can only be clicked if it's partially scrolled offscreen, suggesting an unearthly or paranormal element.
Fake-Out Link: a link whose formatting vanishes when clicked, suggesting that nothing happened… until you click again!! Then, your wit is rewarded.
Hivemind Link: separate links that all highlight when just one is hovered over, suggesting a supernatural or psychic element. Another link.
Misaligned Link: a link that's not on the same baseline as the rest of the text, suggesting an intruding or unheimlich element.
Dot Link: a link consisting of a punctuation mark amid other text, suggesting an extraneous or counter-intuitive aside.
Whitespace Link: a link consisting of blank space which becomes underlined when hovering over it, suggesting hostility or malevolence on the author's part.
Quadruple Underline Link: a link with FOUR (!) underlines.