Hi, I'm Macil ("maysill"), and I'm a software developer.

I mainly post on Twitter, so if you want to keep up with me, follow me at @macil_tech.

I work on VRChat stuff sometimes. So far I've made one VRChat world with a couple public avatars available. I'm hoping to make a few more worlds sometime, maybe even some game worlds.

Here's a few other little things I've made:


  • VRChat. No online game, MMO, forum, or social media site comes close to being as good as VRChat for meeting and hanging out with people. It's also a great platform as a programmer or 3d designer to show off your work to people.
  • Web development. Many people underrate it, but the web is exciting! It's an application platform based on open standards with multiple open source implementations and no gatekeepers, unlike other application platforms.
  • Typescript, Deno, Node, Webpack, Rust, WebAssembly
  • Computer security, cryptography, reverse-engineering. I've patched vulnerabilities in many software projects and have received bug bounties from companies including Google. I've participated in security CTF events including CSAW's final round twice.
  • AI, AI alignment, GPT

External Accounts

  • Discord: macil
  • Matrix: @Macil:matrix.org