Hi, I'm Macil, and I'm a software developer.

I mainly post on Twitter, so if you want to keep up with me, follow me at @macil_tech.

I work on VRChat stuff sometimes. So far I've made one VRChat world with a couple public avatars available. I'm hoping to make a few more worlds sometime, maybe even some game worlds.

Here's a few other little things I've made:

External Accounts

  • Twitter
  • Twitch - I stream casually sometimes, usually while I'm playing Beat Saber. Feel free to hang out and chat when I'm on!
  • Discord: Macil#5633
  • Matrix: @Macil:matrix.org
  • VRChat: I get a lot of random friend requests in-game, so I don't always accept them. Send me a message on Discord first if you want to be added!
  • Mastodon (I like the idea of it but I don't use this as much as Twitter honestly)
  • GitHub
  • Ko-fi
  • Keybase