Hi, I'm Macil, and I'm a software developer.

I mainly post on Twitter, so if you want to keep up with me, follow me at @macil_tech.

I work on VRChat stuff sometimes. So far I've made one VRChat world with a couple public avatars available. I'm hoping to make a few more worlds sometime, maybe even some game worlds.

Here's a few other little things I've made:


  • VRChat! No online game, MMO, forum, or social media site comes close to being as good as VRChat for meeting and hanging out with people. It's also a great platform as a programmer or 3d designer to show off your work to people.
  • Web development. Many people underrate it, but the web is exciting. It's an application platform based on open standards with multiple open source implementations and no gatekeepers, unlike other application platforms. The web has been a melting pot of UI programming paradigms and there's so much to learn from that.
  • Typescript, Deno, Node, Webpack, Rust, WebAssembly. I've worked with many programming languages and software environments, but I'm especially interested in these ones.
  • Computer security, cryptography, reverse-engineering. I've patched vulnerabilities in many software projects and have received bug bounties from companies like Google. The subject is so perfectly full of puzzles. I've participated in security CTF events including CSAW's final round.
  • Politics. Discrimination, housing and healthcare cost crises, and climate change are real issues but not unchangeable parts of the world. It helps all of us to learn about society's problems and do what we can about them.
  • Ethereum, smart contracts, cryptocurrency. There's a lot of empty get-rich-quick nonsense in this space I'm not interested in, but separate from the hype there's a deep technical subject. I think it's important to foster so individual companies like PayPal can't dictate online payments for everyone, and in general that it's important for there to exist open alternatives to popular closed systems many of us depend on (Linux to Windows, etc).
  • AI, AI alignment. AI inventions in this century could be the most impactful inventions by humanity ever. Who could avoid being interested in that?

External Accounts

  • Twitter
  • Twitch - I stream casually sometimes, usually while I'm playing Beat Saber. Feel free to hang out and chat when I'm on!
  • Discord: Macil#5633
  • Matrix: @Macil:matrix.org
  • Mastodon (I like the idea of it but I don't use this as much as Twitter honestly)
  • GitHub
  • Ko-fi
  • Keybase